Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 34

'Rule of Transurfing'
Replace the rule of the pendulum "Do as I do" with the rule of the Transurfing "Allow yourself to be the way you are and the others to be the way they are". Basically, it says to let go. Stay true to yourself and do not try to change other people and force them to be the way you want them to. Remove your projections of expectations of other people. Your expectations of other people twist the energetic picture of the Universe and you activate the equilibrium forces against you. By NOT doing that, you will remove mass problems from your life.
This is the ONLY way for you to find your true path in life. When you are to face a conflict in your life, ask yourself: what should I do to keep the rule of Transurfing working for me? That way, by being true to yourself and yet, allowing other people to be the way they want themselves to be, you will avoid also feeling of blame, unworthiness, and will establish better relations with those around you.

I feel a bit jealous of when I hear someone says: I always wanted to be ... or when I was small I wanted to be...  Not that I am jealous, but I wish I could say this myself. And after I have understood the true sense of life, which in Transurfing is to find your path and follow it, I always feel what a shame this is, that a person knew his path when he was young, but didn’t follow it. I only hope I will find my path one day. As an example, this last conversation with a 25 year old, who just started to work. ‘I wanted to be a footballer, and was training a lot, but my parents convinced me to be a financer’. He says, he feels they were right to convince him to do this, and now he is happy. He just finished a master degree from one on the best uni’s in London. Well-done for him. But, well done for his parents or no?
My grand-mother always wanted to be a performer and sing in well, I guess, folk style band. But she says she was too shy and educated only two years of school. So, instead of this, she made her two daughters to go the musical school. And they hated that. One of them was my mother, and she always wanted to be a gardener or land shaft designer. But she is only spending all of her summer days in my grandmother’s garden. And she has her own excuses why she never started what she wanted to become.
As Mr Zeland puts it: two most important things in life are:
Find your second half and find your path and follow it.
And these two are my life goals.

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