Monday, April 13, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 43

 Visualizing the process: 

Whatever you do, you will have a tremendous success if you not just observe your work but constantly express gratitude and love towards it. See how everyday your creation is getting better and better, and how happier and happier you become with it. The principle is the following: Today, I do everything better than yesterday and tomorrow I will be even better. When you slide in your head, all obstacles work towards your goal, even if you think this is not so; but if you slide your goal and in the same time, visualize the process you literally FLY in the time space variation towards the line of life that contains your goal

Lets assure you work towards a project. In the process of working, visualize how your project becomes more and more perfect. Imagine how the details become more and more precise. Imagine that today you finish one aspect of the project, tomorrow - another. Imagine your project changing for the better every day and also visualize the final version of the project. That way you slide both the process and the final destination.... It is necessary to FEEL how your project becomes better and better. The happier you are, the better your project will be. Repeat in your mind: everyday I am getting better and better in everything. I am a genius. If you work towards improving your body, imagine how it is getting better and better every day. Take care of it, send it love all the time, imagine how at some places muscles strengthen and fat melts ...Soon, you will discover how fast your body is changing for the better.

It is much easier to image the Space Of Variations now, when Internet exists. If you order something online, the thing materialises in your life from the picture in your laptop. Sure, sometimes you have to pay for it, but there are ways to get something you want for free as well. You can literally get anything from any part of the world. And internet is some sort of a Mirror or Window.

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