Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 47


If you feel as if the Universe is "deliberately" acting not in your favor, ask yourself: What are you raising the importance of?? When you think the whole world is going against you and despite your best effort, things are become worse and worse, then you are full of internal and external importance. The more you insist on your desires, the more the Universe is going to keep you separated from them (this is a law!) It is like you are holding the Universe by the throat and she is trying to let go of you. As Zeland says - release the Universe and allow her the freedom of movement. 
Remember those 4 rules :
1. Allow yourself to be the way you are and allow others to be the way they want to be 
2. Do not compare yourself to others 
3. Do not "attach" youself to anything 
4. Accept things easily and let go easily


When you raise the importance of something, you create a strong energy field around you (but of polarized energy). We talked about pure and polarized energy. This polarized energy twists the energy picture of the world. In other words, this polarized energy activates the equilibrium force of the Universe against you. The Universe is in itself "neutral". It is a vacuum. Pure energy is neutral energy. It is energy of creation. Polarized energy is energy of emotions both positive and negative. That energy disrupts the vacuum. Then, the Universe acts against you to restore the vacuum. This is what those equilibrium forces do restore the neutrality of the world.
Zeland has said this many times - go towards your goal like you go towards the store to buy something - with no emotions. The more "empty" you are, the faster you will receive what you want. The most dangerous type of polarization is relation of dependence. "If you love me, you will do this. If you want me, you will do that. Since I love you, you will listen to me" etc." This creates HUGE energy force against you. Do NOT ever depend on your goals. Nothing is as important as you think it is. You are not here on some God - sent mission, you are here to experience life. Even if you do not accomplish anything in this life, so what? You are not here to accomplish things or to serve others or to explain yourself to other people - you are here just to be. When you place importance on you goal (and we all do), then you send polarized energy in the Universe. You activate the equilibrium forces. They, in turn, to restore the balance in the world, will send you to lines of life, where there is no sign of your goal. You continue to cry for your goal? Fine, then the equilibrium forces will send to even worse line of life ... Also, pendulums will attack you. It is essential you keep you emotions in check ... and TRUST, trust the Universe. Finally, do not compare yourself to others - HUGE polarization occurs. You are the way you are - they are, the way they are. Simple as. All comparisons lead to conflicts.... Have you thought why people say that opposites attract each other?? Because that way, balance is restored and the Universe is again neutral.

Well, do not forget that the above is just an interpretation of Zeland's Transurfing ideas. And here is my personal advice from a certified Transurfing coach Fernando received today: Very important aspects are: develop the observer and place it in control of the limited mind, drop importance and be patient in the knowledge that the Space of Variants is delivering in the best possible way you heart's Desire created through the unity of Soul and Mind. Doesn't this sound as a miracle? )

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