Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 48

Looking for Love 

You don’t need to look for love, love itself will find you. In order for this to happen, you should repeatedly slide in you head your life with your soulmate. When the Divine timing is exact, that person will walk into your life. Then it is up to you. You should do the FIRST move (if it is your slide, most probably you will have to do the move towards your partner) and get rid of all fears and prejudice. Remember: always be yourself. Live as you would want to live. Live according to your creed. Otherwise, the Mirror of the Universe cannot reflect back your true desires. ( because when you do not live according to your creed, the Soul is unhappy and you pass on negative lines of life). If, for now, you cannot live based on your creed, then at least monitor your thoughts and be happy.

The love slide should contain a non - concrete person. Only in an emergency time, slide a concrete person but with this you risk a lot. When you slide a concrete person, the Soul of this person gets notified you slide him/her, so most probably will do its best to get away from you. Of course, in the space of variance, everything exists, so the possibility of you and this person together also exists, BUT this person is not your passive object. If the person's Soul doesn't like you, that person will unexplainable get colder towards you and will try to distance. This is the price you pay. So, better, use a living person for an inspiration what your dream partner should be and slide this virtual non - concrete person. To quote Zeland directly : Human relations are exactly the case, where you should COMMUNICATE with the living people, not fly in the sky, lost in dreams.... all emotions are needy ... they all lead to polarization .... joy as well if you slide the other person being happy (not with you but in general), then no, the other person wont detach from you; rather, will like you even more if you slide the other person being happy WITH you, then yes, most probably, the person will detach ... nobody likes to be "manipulated" energetically this applies for business partnership as well. :)

Oh, this is my intention. To have my soulmate come into my life. I intend to meet him in the nearest future. I know my second half exist and nothing else I wish.

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