Monday, April 27, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 49

Stopping Pendulums 


When you decide to stop pendulums from feeding off you, be ready for provocations. When you face an unwanted situation, you have two options: either lose your balance or raise your vibrations. Pendulums feed on negative energy, so every time you express negativity, pendulums attach to you and steal your energy. They literally suck it from your aura, so that is why you feel depressed and powerless. If you were to react the opposite way, with gratitude and love to a visibly unpleasant situation, pendulums cannot attach to you. The higher your vibration, the more shielded you are, against their attacks. To win the battle, change the scenario of the game. Reach positively, when faced with a negative event.


Pendulums feed with energy. They provoke you all the time. Pendulums are energetic-informational structures that vibrate on certain frequency. When you react negatively to something, you ALWAYS start vibrating on the frequency of a certain pendulum. ONLY WHEN YOU AND THE PENDULUM VIBRATE ON THE SAME FREQUENCY, CAN IT ATTACH TO YOU. When you react with positive thoughts to an unpleasant thing, you vibrate with a lot higher frequency than pendulums. With such a dissonance between your vibration and the one of the pendulum, it cannot attach to you and your energy is safe :) Think about that: All is energy. When many people unite and think strong negative thoughts (such as during a war), they start vibrating on a common frequency and emit huge negative energy in the Universe. In theory, that energy is enough to harm the planet (the Earth is an energy center and btw, it also has chakras just like humans and animals); if not to destroy it completely, at least it can destroy it partially. But it never happens - this is because the majority of that negative energy is absorbed by pendulums and the amount that is actually sent to the Universe, is minimal. Pendulums balance energy and don’t allow it to harm the Universe. (but they do harm the one who has dared to sent negative energy in the Universe)

Awake and see what is going on, do you need to react to this negatively? Or is this just a game forced on you?  Or may be you are just not aware of the positive scenario your world implies in your favour?

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