Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 44

The Slide 

Usually people place attention most on action in the physical world. That is however not effective. Using the power of the mind, combined with action in the physical world, allows for the manifestation of your wildest dreams. In order for the thoughts to produce result in the physical world, they need to be reinforced over and over again ...Slide in your head, the picture of your goal already manifested and live in that picture.

When you slide, you move from your current line of life, to the one that contains your goal. Do no think how this transition happens. Focus ONLY on the end result. When the divine timing is right, the external intention will lead you to the line of life, where you accomplish your goal. However, when you slide, do not merely observe it, but live in it. Experience it with your senses. Show gratitude for everything you have. Imagine more and more details. But do this, only when you are happy. Never slide when you are upset, as you translate that emotion into the slide ... Also, do not slide all the time. You NEED to live in reality as well because one of the rules to change your life is first to ACCEPT it the way it is in the moment and to make peace with it.... When you slide all the time, then you adamantly refuse to accept your life now and try to "escape" it in your mind. And this will lead to more resistance and to more negative events for you....

And everywhere we go
The sun will always shine
And tomorrow we might wake on the other side

We are beautiful no matter what they say
Yes, words won't bring us down, no, no
We are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring us down, oh, no
So don't you bring me down today

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