Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 35

Lowering the Importance 

Declaration: All non-equilibrium feelings and reactions: " indignation, discontent, irritation, anxiety, excitement, depression, confusion, despair, fear, pity, attachment, desire, affection, idealization, a worship, delight, disappointment, pride, conceit, contempt, disgust, insult, etc" come as a consequence of raising the importance of things. Pendulums trap you and transform you into a puppet. To reduce the importance does not mean to struggle with your feelings and to try to suppress them; instead you should change the reason for the feelings - your attitude. It is necessary to realize that importance will not bring you anything, except for problems

Interpretation: Problems as such do NOT exist - what exists is the RAISED importance of things. When you intentionally lower the importance, problems easily get solved. Pay attention: not to underestimate the problem, but to lower the importance. Accept the problem as a game and look to it from the outside, soberly and impartially (as an observant, not participant). When you lower the importance, you will enter an equilibrium condition, and pendulums cannot establish control over you control because you will not be emotionally "charged", but neutral. It does NOT mean to turn into a robot. Emotions are generated by attitude; therefore it is necessary to change the attitude. Feelings and emotions are only consequences of your RAISED importance. To illustrate his point, Zeland gives an example. Lets assume a person I know has given birth, or has gotten married. Is it important to him? No. Is he indifferent towards the event? Again no. Catch a difference? Simply I do not inflate from this a problem and I do not exhaust about it myself and associates. Simply he does not inflate problems and so, he does no "torture" with his problems those, who are around him. Strong tendency to raise external importance creates fanatics; strong tendency to raise internal importance creates cretins.

I have watched TV today. It doesn't happen often, and I prefer not to. But when I get to the places where TV is on and everyone is watching, I am easily catch by TV pendulums. One nice advice was given to raise your mood if you feel negatively. Take a chopstick and squeeze it in your mouth so that both sides of it are out your lips ends and it is pulling your lips into a 'forced smile'. Leave it like this for some time. They say, this action activated the brain cells responsible for joy and happiness. See, where it gets you. For sure, when you look into the mirror and see your stupid look, you will smile.

I have published two times during one day not only because of my determination to go through this challenge day by day as needed, but because I was on a plane yesterday and was offline. 

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