Saturday, April 11, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 42

 Breaking the Stereotype 

If someone tells you need to work hard to get what you want, do not believe him. 
If someone tells you that you are obliged to work "in the name of something or someone”, do not believe him;
if someone tells you need to change your yourself to succeed, do not believe him. 
If someone tells you because you are born poor, you will stay that all your life, do not believe him; 
if someone tells you your abilities are limited, and do not believe him.

Interpretation: From a logical point of view, everything in transurfing is turned upside down. If you do not want to live like everyone else, then you are a Wanderer. In transurfing, Fate does not choose the Wanderer - he chooses it. You will achieve what you want, when you remove your limitations and your "logical" thinking you have to allow yourself to have what you want, to ignore stereotypes and other people's opinion and to release yourself from the pendulums. After all, miracles happen all the time, if you believe in them :)

I will not write about the above, just only because I am so flattered by what had happened recently about the Going with the current day. I remember when reading this day, I kept wondering: how do I do this, how do I apply this. I actually understand 'how', but all seemed a bit weird what is meant by all this.
And here we go, example from life:
Me and my friend on a walk in the park with our kids. Decided it's time to go home. I say: let's take a walk, and she is like: I would prefer to get a bus home from here. Decided to do this 'my way'. Result: My son jumped into the fountain, all wet, my phone drowned and we had to go to the hospital next day as I suspected the dysentery for my son. Phone still dead. Moreover, as we took a black cab home from the park, the driver nearly escaped a car accident.
Why? Why I have not listened to my friend when she suggested to take a quick bus home? When she said she had 'a feeling' it would be better, I have remembered Going with the current day word for word.

Well, the conclusion and the best part of all is: TRANSURFING REALLY WORKS. Learned this the hard way this time x

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