Friday, April 17, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 45

The Path Towards the Goal

Remove all importance, and leave only the pure intention. You should move towards your goal like you move towards the newsstand to buy your newspaper. No emotions, just determination. The only things that can fail you are: too much responsibility, too much trying to be perfect and fear of failure. When you slide, don’t include scenarios, just the final goal. If you concentrate only on the final goal, the external intention will deliver it for you.

If you think your goal is impossible or at least, unlikely to happen, those negative emotion will fail you. How should you make yourself believe you can have what you want? Simple. You cant :) Forget about belief. Just slide in your head ... again and again. Do not worry how events will align for you. Even if you do not see any confirmation that you are moving towards your goal, continue sliding. People, who are highly successful in life, all confess that they never ever expected that they would achieve all this. But nevertheless, they did not stop dreaming.
Only one advice: Do not place your goal on only one card - always have a back-up plan, if something goes wrong.

The insurance is a good thing for your mental stability. It costs somewhat, but you have a back up plan. For your mortgage, for your salary, nowadays, for most everything. Life is so comfortable. Just unattach strings and you are free to live happily.

Of course, Transurfing helps to become rich, get a house, car, anything you need from material world. But for me most important is that it helps to get unattached of these. If I get to choose, I would choose self-development over the career. This is what my soul wants.

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