Monday, April 6, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 40

Going alongside the Current 

Trust the current of variance. Get into equilibrium with the surrounding world. Do everything in the easiest possible way. When in a situation, do not act as a participant, but become an observant. See the difficult situation from a neutral point of view and determine where you place excess potential. Remember: nothing is as important as you think it is!!! If something does not follow your plan, let go of your plan and trust. You are given an advice you do not like - do not reject immediately but think. Someone does or says something you do not agree with - do not criticize but ALLOW the other person to live according to his will.


The mind constantly tries to control everything. However, the current of life does not obey such control. Transurfing helps you let go and trust. This is a crucial step. To learn to go with the current of life, you need to learn to trust. You create your obstacles by yourself. It is easier for the Universe to keep you flowing on your optimal lines of life, because on them you release only pure energy. On the contrary, when you release polarized energy, the Universe has to activate equilibrium forces and to change your lines of life, which involves loss of pure energy. If you do not fight the Universe, you will flow on the best possible lines.

Here  we go, all the replies to my yesterday's 'not-so-optimistic-as-if-should-be-if-you-are-a-transurfer" post :) But anyway, love the way I do it everyday now, the challenge thing. And I am not even home. Again, this it not just a current to my point of view, but :


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