Sunday, April 19, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 46


Your door is the pathway that leads to the lifeline, where your goal exists. When you slide in your head, the external intention opens in front of you many doors. All of them lead to your goal. However, not all of them are your doors. If you get tired, frustrated, sad, and angry and generally feel bad while on your path to your goal, then this is NOT your door. However, if you feel happy and full of energy, then you are moving on the right line of life. The other line of life, with the other door, will still lead you to your goal, but the price you will pay in terms of energy loss and negative feelings will be greater. Examine how you feel all the time. This is the indication of whether or not, you move through your door. To open your door, you should just feel great and grateful and at the same time, slide your final goal. Then, the transition to your door will happen. Your right attitude is the key to your door. But then, do NOT force yourself. If something makes you sad and upset, don’t try to feel happy. Acknowledge that this is not your door and find other way to reach your goal. In an abundant universe, there are millions of doors that lead to your goal :) Never limit yourself in terms of doors. If something doesn’t happen in one way, then it will happen in another :)

Interpretation: Live for yourself, and yourself - only. Your general well being is highly important indicator and it the best KEY to open your door. Pendulums teach people that you need hard work to succeed, you need to struggle and cry and fear and hate and so on and on, but actually you do NOT need to. You just need to ignore pendulums. I say " ignore” and not " fight,” because you cannot fight them. The only way to win the battle is to choose not to play in it. The moment you start fighting with pendulums is the moment you give away your precious energy. Happiness is constantly in the future, hidden beneath surface of false stereotypes and illusions. Aiming at perfection, you wont reach it. Living your life as you best self, you immediately feel happy. :) When you feel happy and content with your life, money also flows to you. Everything in the Universe synchronizes with you. The false stereotype says you need first to work hard, earn money, and then start going after your goal (when you are financially stable). In reality, your goal will bring more than enough money for you because it will make you happy. And happiness brings the best possible lines of life for you. The Soul agreed to come here to experience the art of living. But now, you have to ask yourself - what do you live for? For yourself and your goal; or for false stereotypes (you have to be such and such ... to be successful) and pendulums?

The interpretation is an absolute key to happiness. But sometimes, people would understand the meaning of 'live for yourself' in a bit different way. As well as the phrase: enjoy life. Everyone is different and the enjoyment might be different too. We all came to this world as creators, and when you live for yourself this means you are creating something what you were created for. And if you are just wasting your time meaninglessly you will not be happy. You might just feel the glimpse of fake happiness from time to time.

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