Thursday, April 2, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 36

 Quit the Battle with the World

 Declaration: The world reflects as a mirror your attitude towards it. When you hate it, it hates you back. When you fight it, it fights you back. When you battle it, it battles you. When you, however, stop the battle and MAKE THE FIRST STEP towards it, the world suddenly starts walking towards you. This means - do not try to change the reflection (thus, the consequence of your actions or thoughts) change your ATTITUDE ... If you allow yourself to have what you want and do not question that, the external intention will find a way to give it to you. You desperately want to achieve your goal? This desperation is going to fail you. Think of it in this manner: "I go to take what is rightfully mine- it is already mine in the metaphysical reality and in a matter of certain time, it is going to manifest in the physical reality as well" If you are desperate, it simply shows you do not believe that what you want is ALREADY yours in the metaphysical reality (thus, in a certain life of line in the time space continuum) and if you do not believe that, the Universe cannot move you from your line of life to the new one.

Interpretation: Pendulums prompt in you the belief that one should fight to reach his goals, should battle the world, and should change completely. You believe you are too flawed for your goals and need to improve to reach them, and then, you change, and realize you actually still haven't achieved those goals.... This entire scenario has one main task - to take energy away from you. Pendulums need energy to feed on and they need to take it from someone every time you have negative thoughts (or reach negatively to the world around you) you willing give your energy to the pendulums. (And in the process, lower your vibrations so much that you actually transition to a worse line of life, to match your "new" worse vibration) No one can force you to give your energy nevertheless; you do it all the time, when you react negatively. In this moment, you should "wake up" from the dream and see it is all a game. You fight because you are full of internal and external importance To reach your goals, you need to ALLOW yourself to have it here and now. As Zeland himself says: If you cannot take what you want and cannot allow yourself now, postpone for later. However, postponing for later leads to a state of being where life is being considered as a preparation for a better future. You are discontent with the present and live with the hope for a quick improvement. With this attitude, the future never occurs. With the same success, you can go and chase the sunset. It just won’t happen....

The author often says that we are asleep and not concentrated. As an example, we do not remember things. Can you  imagine, just yesterday, before going to bed, I have posted the day 35 and today in the morning I already do not remember in I have posted this or not. And I consider doing this challenge one of the most important things I do in life now.

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