Friday, April 3, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 37

Coordination of Intention 

Declaration: If you decide to see a negative event as positive - it will be that way. No matter how bad things look in the moment, they will brighten up if you instead of negative, release positive energy in the Universe. Otherwise, things will get worse. With every obstacle, tell that if what you want happens - fine; if it doesn’t better! With that attitude you will avoid mass problems. After all, your world DOES take care of you and who knows by not giving you what you want, from how many troubles it is saving you. Say that no matter what happens, it is all in your favor!

Interpretation: Life is a chain of actions and consequences. That is, one line of life leads to another and so on. The line of life, on which we act is always closely situated to the line of life, where is the consequence. Each line of life divides into 2 more lines: one better and one worse. When we release negative energy, the consequence becomes bad for us. When we release positive energy, we choose the better consequence. Usually people experience chain of negative events. This is because when something bad happens, they release negative energy, which further sends them to a line of life on which they experience again something negative. And the process is endless. So, negative events do not follow from the original one, but from your attitude! The principle of coordination of intention allows you to always pick up the better consequence.

With my every obstacle, if what I want happens - fine, if not - even better! My world DOES take care of me and knows by not giving me what I want, from how many troubles it is saving me! Everything what happens is just in my favour!

Practice, baby, practice! And this is such a fun. It really makes you laugh, this one. Because, to your mind it seems silly at least, to react this way to what it looks like negative things. But a little laugh does lots of good things )))

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