Monday, March 30, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 33

 Rule of the Pendulum
Declaration: The rule of the pendulum is "Do as I do". This means: change yourself, become a copy of me, follow the established rules. When you try to follow and compare yourself to the others, you feel deeply miserable. It is impossible to be as "perfect” as the others. You are yourself - to be successful, you have to break that rule of the pendulum. You have to establish your own standards and follow them. When people break that rule, two things happen - they either become successful or they become ignored by society. When people are confident they have the right to establish their own norm, they become stars - when they fear or believe they are not "dignified" enough to set their own rules, they fail and society completely forgets about them.

Interpretation: Pendulums set the norms of behavior in a society. People do not realize that they are given a model of success, which they desperately try to imitate. Such model cannot be an example, however, as the Soul of everyone is unique. True success comes from union Soul/mind and is not based on the success of someone else. If you follow other people' s footsteps, I am afraid, you will have to follow forever and you will never reach success in your own right. Since you are part of society, you have a certain position in the hierarchy. When Zeland says do not follow pendulums, he doesn't mean to try and confront them all. This is not possible. You cannot escape all pendulums. The point is act consciously and do not release negative energy in the Universe: use coordination of intention.

I am on a way to my goal. I am unique. I feel that am living my own life with my own rules. I am a lonely wayfarer of Transurfing. The more I travel on Transurfing ways the more lonely I become. In terms of lonely, I do mean that people surrounding me have their own, what they call 'normal' attitude to life and reality. And because of this we start to be separate in many ways. They think I live in imaginary world. It is not good or bad, this is my way.

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