Sunday, March 15, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 29

Give Yourself to Me, my World 

Declaration: When you want something from the world, do not try to force the world to give it to you. In this case, the world reflects your " desperate attempts" and you only receive more desperation and more wanting. When you want your world to come to you, do the first move. Start walking towards your world and the world will start walking towards you. Give up what you want, replace it with an intention to give and you will receive what you gave up.

Interpretation: You want respect from someone? Then start respecting people yourself. You want others to love you - then give love to yourself first. You want compassion and solitude? Express those feelings yourself. The way you treat yourself is the way your world is going to treat you. If you think the world " owns" you something for your suffering or if you think you have the right to " demand " from the world in your role of a child of God, you wont receive anything. First, because no one likes ungrateful people (including the Universe), second because the Universe cannot provide for you what you do not vibrate. If you vibrate lack and desperation, you cannot receive love.

Slowly, so slowly, like а snail I am moving through this challenge. Of course, I could do better. But I always find an excuse. Anyway, I am moving. What I have found out with Transurfing gives a sense to my existence. I feel this is only the first step. But such an important one. I wish I could declare this knowledge to the world. To my beloved ones. But I realise that this is not possible unless they want to hear. And they don't. They think reality is what they see in the news over their 'zombibox'. Well, I am a traveler through my life, a Transurfing route traveler. And so rare, unfortunately, we, the travelers, get the support from our relatives, let it be. It is a wonderful route anyways.

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