Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 28

Forming the Image 

Declaration: To embody your thoughts in the physical reality, you need to repeat them in your head over and over again. Of course, you might not believe, it is so simple, but actually it is. You just need daily mental work. It is simple, but it is effective. People fail however because they lack patience. You need to repeat your mental image again and again DESPITE seeing negativity in your physical world and despite NOT seeing any improvement for the time being. Changes in the physical world take time. ( - big changes require mental work for about a YEAR daily ) As Zeland says there are no miracles. There is concrete and continuous work for controlling reality. You do the work - you reach your goal; you do NOT do the work- you do NOT reach your goal. Simple as!

Interpretation: If the mind does NOT contradict the heart, an enormous force is released in the Universe - the EXTERNAL intention. It moves you in the timespace continuum to the sector of the variation, where your goal is achieved. The world agrees with what you think of it. But then why do we mostly achieve what we do NOT want? Because the mind FEARS, DOUBTS, OVER-THINKS. The union is broken and the energy released only by the Soul is not enough to move you in the timespace continuum. Ironically, the mind and the Soul always agree on one account - our biggest fears. So, they release external intention and in the end, we reach
the line of life, where our fears are materialized. Both of them are "designed" to protect us and try to keep us alive - the instinct of self - preservation. Now, instead of ALLOWING them to think of your biggest fears, change your focus to something really positive and imagine yourself happy and safe. This wont "feed" energetically your fears and they wont materialize. To achieve every goal, no matter what it is, you need CONSTANT, DAILY visualizations...

They say the habit is formed in 21 day. I have 21 day before I travel again. And I am landing in 2 hours. There might be one day missing, but anyway:
1.       I will be waking up earlier and going to bed earlier too.  To wake up at 7 am I need to go to sleep at 11 am. My son to wake up at 8 am needs to go to sleep at 8:30 pm-9 pm
2.       I will concentrate on this Transurfing task. And will post every day now. 

From the moment I started it, it feels like the process of life is going more smoothly. Cool.

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