Friday, December 12, 2014

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 1

A little introduction first.

I just love Transurfing, for me it gave so many answers to the life questions. And it helped to improve the quality of my life. In almost every aspect. It made me happier and my life fuller. I just need to move in those directions I have chosen.

But there is a little (or huge, who knows) one more aspect to, well, yes, improve in my life. And as this 78 days of Practical Transurfing practice had helped me with lots of my goals before, I am willing to try it now for this particular aspect too. And see how it works.

And here we go with day 1 :)

I have just found this online, thanks to a person who posted this and to Mr Zeland:

1. Awakening
Do you feel like life is just passing and you are not able to catch it?
It is time you remember your true nature.

Declaration: Wake up and realize all is just a dream. Everyone is dreaming and everything that happens is not real. You were part of this dream, but not anymore - you woke up and circumstances and events cannot control you anymore. Instead you will control them. Your advantage is being conscious. Remember: you have awakened and now everything is going to be, the way you want it.

Interpretation: When you came in this world, this was a powerful time for you you just receive a new opportunity to live after so many reincarnations - all of them dreams of reality. When you came again, your Soul intuitively had all the answers of the Universe, you could see the aura, you could understand the sounds of plants and animals .. Life was a miracle ...a miracle you could control with your power. Then suddenly, you fell under the influence of the others - you forgot you true nature, you turned away from you Soul and life became sad :(You lost all your metaphysical abilities and focused only on the physical reality).

Oh, wait, hold on! this is not all! I remember there were few more sentences...Which sounded like:
Don't you think the life is passing by and you do not have a control over your reality, but quite the opposite? Wake up, it's time to regain your powers. 

I must tell you, you will probably need some practice in order not to fall asleep again. This text in bold is an interpretation version of Mr Zeland book as far as I understand. It is a good idea that you write down this in your own words, which will be easier to realize. 

For me the most obvious example that I am asleep is the following. I remember myself driving to work and back home. I use to do it so automatically, so unconsciously that I can really recall the feeling of surprise that I had already reached my destination. Without remembering or noticing the road/the way, with automated movements and so on! So, this is what the life to me (and I am sure to the most of us) was at that time. I am happy I wake up more and more often these days. Or at least I think so...


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