Monday, December 15, 2014

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 3

3. Child of God: 

Declaration: Every one is part of God - you are a child of Him and your life is part of His dream. By ruling your world with your EXTERNAL intention, you fullfill his orders. His Intention becomes whatever your intention is. Then how can you doubt it is not going to be fulfilled? You just need to ALLOW yourself to have. Do not PRAY - just allow. When you pray, it is like God praying to himself. Does God need to pray? Does there exist a creature that God needs to pray to? After all, he is almighty. The same way, do not pray, do not demand, do not desire. Just INTEND!

Interpretation: Our world is a theater of dream where God is an actor, director, scriptwriter and producer. Our decisions are His decisions. What we feel and do is what God feels and does. Our Soul is part of His Soul and in each Soul God has placed a part of His intention. Then he sent the Souls in his Dream - our reality. Each Soul is given the freedom to create its own reality depending on how conscious we are. But coming here, in a physical form, we forget our true nature and start wandering in this reality, vaguely remembering we came here to create a new life. People have forgotten they are here not to serve to God but to co-create with Him. This is the secret!

This one is one of my favorites ones. 
It's a cool feeling to realise that I am a part of something, and not just 'something' something, but GOD! Therefore, I am not alone, I am loved by the Creator, and I can be happy and creative if I intend to. Life is so good!

The external intention is a determination to have, when the world becomes subject to human will. Internal intention focuses on the process of our own movement towards the goal, external – focuses attention on how the goal gets realised by itself.

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