Thursday, December 18, 2014

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 5

5. Mirror of the World 

Your world becomes what you think of it. It is a giant mirror that reflects your attitude towards it. When you are sad, suddenly your world becomes full of sadness, when you are happy, the world is laughing with you, when you fight with the world, the world fights with you, when you start walking
towards your world, your world starts walking towards you. Every time the world ask the question "What am I" and it accurately becomes whatever answer it receives. To the answer "you are cold", the world becomes an emotionally colder place, to an answer "you are warm and comfortable", it becomes warm and comfortable.

If you think that you have experienced the best of everything already and there is nothing good coming your way, it is going to be exactly that way. If a person has pessimistic expectation, well, he is going to receive them. But if suddenly the person decides to choose to be worthy of all that is best in this world, the world delivers that. The old loser now becomes a darling of the Fate. And he receives all for free. After him, in a long queue wait those, who believe the world is a sad, desperate place, full of evil people. If our darling of the Fate decides to accept this expectation as true, he immediately gets sent at the end of queue, where his new expectations are realized.

Second version:

Your world is what you think it is. The world reflects, as your mirror attitude towards it. Life is a game in which the world constantly puts the same riddle to its residents: “Guess who I am?” And everyone responds according to his or her ideas: “You’re aggressive” or “You’re lovely” or “Funny, friendly, hostile, happy, sad...” etc. Interestingly, in this quiz everyone is winning! The world agrees and is presented to everyone in the outlook, in which it was ordered. What do you think about your world?

If a person is convinced, that everything good in this world is already sold out, then that person really encounters empty shelves. If you think that for the good commodities, you have to wait on a long line and pay expensive price, then it will be so. If your expectations are pessimistic and full of doubts, they will come true for sure. If you think that you will encounter an unfriendly circle of people, you feelings will become true.
But if you have an innocent thought, that the world has reserved for you all the best, that too inexplicably, will come true. The one, who ‘knows’ that everything is possible to achieve, somehow happened to be next to the shelf where the right products were just delivered, as if especially for him.
Suddenly he gets everything for free. And behind him, there is already a long queue of those who believe that real life is getting darker, and the fools are just lucky.
And if the lucky fool ever changes his attitude towards his world, having experienced ‘realities of life’, reality will change and will throw him with to the end of the queue.

One of the reasons I do this so called challenge, is to remind myself of this mirror. When I get a short period of time, even a few minutes per day, to stop and think about the universe and me, my eyes kind of open wider. I may see and realise the things, which are usually hidden in everyday little troubles. And then I can really observe this reaction of the Mirror. Sometimes, it is a very sudden and obvious reaction. I smile and my world smiles back at me. Sometimes, it may take months or even years. But if I carefully look, I will see the facts to prove for myself that the world is this giant reaction to the vibrations I send to it.

Just take a look at this example. I was thinking today that it would be nice to add some pictures to these posts. And I just realised that for this exact post the picture below would be a perfect suit. I made this picture about few weeks ago in Saatchi Saatchi museum during Rolls’Royce exhibition. There is a giant screen and as the person stands in the front of it and starts to move, the reflection of the lights on the screen starts to follow the movements. It will reflect all your movements. But you may see clearly in the picture, that if takes time. Because a moment ago the person had her hands spread and this is still reflected by the screen and by this picture. As the person crosses her hands, the screen will follow to reflect it. This is how my world reacts...

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