Monday, December 22, 2014

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 9

9. Sigh of relief 

Transurfing is not possible without a high amount of free energy. To materialize our goals, we use free energy to move in the time space continuum. However, some of this energy gets used for potential goals that we never dare to fulfill. This is huge amount of lost energy and in transurfing, we need as much energy as possible. Energy is never in excess. So, you need to either drop your potential goals or finally materialize them.

Interpretation: Many people live life, loaded with unaccomplished goals, unfulfilled duties, plans, restrictions etc etc. All those suck away your free energy. Since you think of all those things, you emit certain vibrations and thus, part of your energy goes to " support" those thoughts and to move to lines of life where you have more of these. So, either get rid of them and free that energy or finally materialize them ex: Every day you say to yourself - From tomorrow, I will lose weight, stop smoking, become a new person, etc etc. To keep those goals active in your head, you supply them with part of your precious free energy. (and then you wonder why you cannot accomplish other goals - you just do not have enough energy). Everything you delay for eternity is useless load that pulls you backwards.

I love my mum, my son, my brother, my sisters, my grandparents. I love all my family, and I just wonder what a lucky person am I to have such wonderful people surrounding me every moment of my life. Their support is priceless. Just the thought that they exist in my life makes it happier)

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