Sunday, December 21, 2014

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 8

8. Pink Twins 

Declaration: There are many places on the Earth, where one can find "pink twins". Those are basically places, full of happiness and miracles. To find such place, put on your "pink glasses"and ignore all the people, who will try to bring you down, to "help" live in the real world. When something good happens to you, catch the feeling and induce it all the time. Soon, you will see more and more pink twins - your world will dramatically change for the better.

Interpretation: Remember one thing: you yourself alone color your world with your attitude. If the majority of your thoughts are negative, then life will be negative. The opposite is true as well. Heaven and Hell aren't in some other dimension or some other parallel Universe - they are here on Earth. You choose between them all the time with your thoughts. There are murders, prisons, floods, accidents out there. Do not focus on them. They can become part of your life if you fix your attention there. Focus only on the good. Evil cannot leave this world, but as a result of your positive thoughts, will leave your layer of the world.

This always makes me smile. And when I meet pink twins (and believe me, this happens much more often, than one can imagine) I always remember this declaration and smile with happiness. Why does this make me happy I can't explain. This is not even a proof that Transurfing ideas work. But on the other hand who can explain what makes him happy? This feeling of happiness is something very gentle, fragile and beautiful. I thank my world for it. 

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