Sunday, December 14, 2014

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 2

2. Breaking free from the covers of sleep 

Declaration: Realize that life is a game which was forced onto you . While you are trapped in it, you cannot make conscious decisions; you cannot control your life. Become an observer - see your life from the outside, see that the problems are not as important as you think they are. They are just illusions of your mind. Understand what is happening and why is it happening. See the real motives behind people's actions. You have a great advantage - you are awakening.

Interpretation: When you are sleeping, your mind accepts everything that is happening resignedly. You have come to terms with your fate and accepted it.
What is left is just to live the way you think you are condemned to live and from time to time to try unsuccessful attempts to change things. Is it really true that nothing can be done? No, it isn’t :)
Now you are going to be changing things. Realize life is a dream and only awaken, you can control it and change it. See how in the play, you call life, everyone has a role - some torment you, some love you, some hate you, some beg you for favors. Observe and you will understand life!

And you are still in the process of forcing this game onto yourself.  Turn off the TV, through away those newspapers, stop wasting your time on those social media sites. Can you survive at least one day? By the way, you might need to be left alone by people who surround you as well, because they might take too much of your attention and you would not be able to concentrate on yourself. And then again read the day 2. (and day 1)

I do not watch TV or read newspapers. Sometimes I use internet and observe how distracted I get by all this 'important' information. I feel like I can drown in it. And I try to run away from this and spend this time enjoying life. How? Just open my eyes, look around and find something to be happy about: blue sky, smiling child, my family who are all healthy and beside me etc. etc. The problem is that nowadays, even if one gets something to enjoy: a praise, a tasty dinner, a bonus, a holiday. And in case you do not stop and take time to feel and enjoy it, you will lose this happy feeling of joyfulness very quickly. It will pass by like only a glimpse. Do you want your life to be just a glimpse or something longer? Well, I could go on and on about this topic.

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