Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 4

4. Rising of a Star

Declaration: To have true success, you need to stop following in other people's footsteps and set new standards. Whoever broke the stereotypes and offered something new to the world, was the one to create a new standard for success. Pendulums do not support individuality, so they have no choice but to make this maverick a star. To set new rules, all you need to do is ALLOW to be yourself. This privilege is not given by a God outside. Only you, through your will, can give it to yourself.

And another version:

The birth or a star
To achieve real success, you have to stop following generally accepted standards and start walking your own way. The one, who comes out of the common formation, creates a new success benchmark. Pendulums do not tolerate individuality; they see a rising star and make it their favourite.
When establishing a new rule, the formation turns and starts following the new star. To establish your own rules, you must allow yourself to be yourself. You can do this. The only thing you have to do is to take that privilege. The privileges are given or taken only by you yourself.

Throughout the lives of people, someone tries to instil them that they are not perfect, that success, wealth and fame are just for the chosen ones. Pendulums do not deny the fact that anyone can succeed, but carefully hide the fact that each person has unique abilities and qualities. Individuality is deadly for them. If all supporters become free and get out of control, pendulums will just fall apart.
Stars are born alone, but the pendulums lit them. The role models – the model of success – are created deliberately to turn the aspiration of others to the same direction. In other words, the task of the pendulums is to push everyone in the formation and force them to obey the general rule.

You will achieve nothing until it becomes clear to you, that you have to leave the common formation. It makes no sense to play somebody else’s game where it isn’t you setting the rules. Whatever you do, always strive to start your own game. That’s the secret of success.

Interpretation second version:

All their life people are told they are not good enough; thin enough, pretty enough etc. They are told success, fame, money are only for "chosen" ones. Pendulums hide the fact that people are entitled to all and that once they start following their own standards and develop their unique qualities, they will get all they want. After all, if all people choose to be free, the pendulums will cease to exist. Stars are those who chose to be "stars". Pendulums then make them glow. Those stars set new standards for behaving and people copy them. This is needed, so that they (the people) lose their individuality and act in the same manner. That way, the pendulums can control them. This is the main task of pendulums - to control. You wont achieve anything, while following in someone else's footsteps. There is no purpose in playing a game, where you do not set the rules. Create your own game and start playing. The pendulums will then make you glow, so that other people can follow. This is where the secret of success lies.

Everyday, step by step. Having your main goal in mind, stop concentrating on unimportant details which drag you from it and just distract and waist your time. 

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