Saturday, January 31, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 21

Verdict of a Creator 

Your whole life you have been told how to behave, what to do, who to listen to, what is right, what is wrong, what is moral etc. Now, take your birth RIGHT to create your own rules in the layer of your world. You have the right to declare what is right and wrong for you (even if other people disagree completely) in the case that what you do does NOT harm other people. When you create your own Verdict, you declare yourself free from the oppressive circumstances in your life and from everything and everyone who act as an obstacle towards your goal. Your Verdict gives you the confidence that everything is as it should be, since this is what you declared and the Universe mirrors your attitude and your belief. 

Everyone has an opinion. Some declare an event to be positive when for others - it is negative. It is easy for you to lose your own internal sense
of right and wrong and start following the mass. Now, remember: you, as a child of God, have equal powers as the others to rule the layer of your world and label what is positive and what is negative for you. The Universe is a mirror: it agrees with everyone :) so, it shall agree with you as well. There is one condition, however. When you declare what you want, you MUST have the courage to go after it, in the physical world. Only changes in the metaphysical world are not enough. If you feel scared, or unworthy, or immoral, etc to go after your goal, then you Verdict loses its power; your goal turns into a simple desire. And we know that desires are not implemented, dreams are not fulfilled - only pure intention is accomplished. It is not important whether or not your thoughts are right/wrong - the point is how much you believe what you think and act is correct for you. Your Verdict has a power only in the case the mind and the Soul are united. Thus, use your Verdict to move along the path of your heart.

If this doesn't harm other people, environment, yourself. The idea again is to find your own path and while walking it you will definitely have your own opinion, ideas, etc.

You must have a courage to walk this path, you have chosen. Not only courage, but will. Not to be lazy. One day you will have inspiration and you will be active, another day you need to make effort to get out of bed even for the sake of your dream. Periculum in mora is for you if you have already found out your designation in this world. I only wish I would.

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