Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 16


When I see how Transurfing works, it gives me hope that I can 'rule' my world, my reality. And this hope should change into believe that this is possible. But to be able to 'rule' my reality I need to convert this believe into 'knowledge'. I need to know that my world takes care of me, my wishes (intentions) come true etc.

Today was a good example of how my wishes come true. I wanted to go and visit my grandparents because I will be flying away tomorrow. And it is so freezing that my car wouldn't start. I remember I sit in my car and say loudly: But come on! I want to go to my grandparents. And this same moment a driver of the car parked in front of me appears and helps me to start my car by connecting to his one and charging my accumulator. The thing I realised afterwards is that nobody else would be able to help me with less problems, as I would need to move my car (push or something, don't know) to get it attached to anyone's else accumulator.

Start moving towards your goal, and you will see, that this, which seemed once impossible, now becomes part of your reality. Then hope will slowly be replaced by consciousness. And then you will understand those words: I do not want, I do not trust and I do not hope - I intend and I know.

I, drop by drop, squeeze the slave's blood out of myself until I wake one day to find the blood of a real human being--not a slave's--coursing through my veins. As per A. Chekhov

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