Sunday, January 18, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 17

Feeling of Guilt 


Feeling of guilt inevitable leads to punishment in the physical reality. The human mind is designed that way - bad deeds are to be punished; good deeds are to be rewarded. If notice even the slightest inclination to feel guilty, get rid of this feeling immediately. Live according to your Creed and in this manner, you will avoid the feeling of guilt. People cannot sentence you if you do not feel guilt beforehand. Release that feeling!


If you cannot release it for now, at least stop justifying your actions. Of course, to do so, you need to be conscious (and not under the
influence of pendulums). You do not own anyone an explanation for the choices in your life. If you, however, feel you want to explain yourself to others, do it only in a necessary situations. Do not turn in into a habit! Also, even if you feel guilty, do not show it. Manipulators only need this to start " torturing" you and stealing your energy. Slowly, the mind and the Soul will get accustomed to the new approach in life in which you live the way you want, without explaining your actions to the others. This will liberate you and you will experience less and less events, where you would feel, you need to justify yourself. This, in turn, will put an end to the problems, which appear as a consequence of vibrating feeling of guilt.

Well, this is a challenging one. I feel guilty sometimes for some really irrelevant things:
That I go to sleep late and wake up late. Mainly, this guilt is because I miss lots of the daylight in the morning. Why don't I like waking up early, I do not know. I am happy though, that there is no real need for me to wake up early, which might chance pretty soon. Will see how it goes then.

And, well, I feel guilty, that I do not do this challenge (78) days in a row. I could be more organised and have more will. But for some reason I do not... Guilty/ or not guilty?

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