Sunday, January 18, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 18


When someone feels unworthy and hence, tries his best to raise his importance, everything turns upside down; the more you try to raise your importance, the more it decreases. When you stop caring about it, you receive it unconditionally. The feeling of self-importance is (as you may guess) an excess potential. The more you try to raise your importance, the more you will activate the equilibrium forces to send to lines of life, where you have no importance at all. So, when you give up showing and proving your importance, you will receive it. Never ever, however, under no circumstances, try to lower the importance of someone else. In that manner, you avoid problems, the reasons for which, you cannot explain.

When you try to strengthen your position and to show off your qualities, you are actually trying to change the reflection of the Mirror. (But not the image itself) This causes polarization and equilibrium forces. You do not need to show or prove anything - you are worth everything just because you are a child of God like everyone else. To show who you are in reality, you need to cut off all effort in trying to prove yourself. If you do not anything to prove your importance, (and we know all people try to raise their importance), then other people around your instinctively
think that your importance does not need confirmation. Thus, they accept it as an axiom and treat with a lot more respect. This then unites mind and Soul in the idea that you, as a person, are "valued a lot". Then you start feeling deep down your importance, your inferiority complex fades and your vibrations rise

Well, if people do not treat me as important, I ... let them go. If I can, of course (not usually with your relatives you can do it). I tend to be thinking now, that if someone has no interest in me (I mean communication, job offer or similar), why should I have any interest in that person? I am unique, my soul is beautiful and I deserve to be surrounded by people who appreciate me. Same, as I appreciate them. If you do not appreciate me, then you are not my door. And I will not be yours for sure. Good-bye.

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