Friday, January 23, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 20

Your own Path 

It is a waste of time to follow a path, if your heart isn't there. There will be no mind/soul union on this path and in turn, you will feel discomfort, apathy, unhappiness etc. On the other hand, when you follow a path, that you love, you feel it. The whole world resonates with you and tries to help you with your goals. Search for a path that makes you happy from the inside. You will definitely find it if you search :)


When you do what you love, the Soul and the mind unite, and everything else just fits into place. However, when the Soul wants, but the mind is scared, you'd better be careful. You might want to become a professional pilot in F1, but you need a lot practice beforehand. Just visualizations, it is not enough. Also, you might want to quit the job you hate, if you do not have money in the moment, better not do this. Slides will help you create the life you want, but the physical reality acts with a lot of delay. Months need to pass before what you slide becomes true. Meanwhile, do you burn the bridges behind you? Do not turn down the opportunities life is presenting to you now, just because you want to wait for better opportunities in the future.

This one is very powerful indeed. Well, all of them are, but this one is something special. Exactly one year ago from today I was given the opportunity by my world (and my soul and mind) to leave the job I hated. And to change my life into absolutely new wonderful thing. The universe opened and started to move towards me at that moment. I was doing this Transurfing challenge in Russian at that moment. Everyday, when I went out through the door of an apartment I used to live in, dreading what that day would bring over to me, I read a day from this challenge and concentrated not on negative feelings, but on what Transurfing has to say. And the events where happening one after another. Most of them I had no control on (from the material point of view). And I was scared, because it is normal to be scared of the uncertainty.

I will one day for sure sit down and describe all the circumstances of that life transformation, all the events, one by one. About perfect timing for all of them. All I can say at the moment, this technique, and Transurfing in itself works for me!

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