Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 19

Creed of a Creator 

Always be yourself, never betray your creed or worse - if you do not have creed, you are destroying yourself as a person; as a result, everything in your life is upside down. When the image is upside down, the reflection is upside down as well. You need to direct all your thoughts and action towards one goal - never LIE to yourself and live the life others tell you to. This twists the energetic picture of the world and the equilibrium forces will attack you. You should never be ashamed or afraid to live according to your Creed. Furthermore, you are never alone - your World is taking care of you (if you allow it to).


When you life according to your creed, the mind and the soul unite. If you need to do something the Soul actively detests, then you are betraying yourself and your work will fail. (The famous phrase - the soul prefers to fail in its own life, rather than to succeed in the foreign one) Even if your actions are not what people will call "right", if you live according to your creed, everything will be OK. The creed fixes reality and when the image is clear, the reflection is clear as well. Remember - your world is taking care of you live according to your creed and all your true intentions will be materialized. This is the law!

This is a good one. Sometimes, when I heard something like this before, I was hesitating. Others are more clever, they have better lives, they 'know' the secrets. But well, that is not really true. Most of them seem to still be unhappy, or lacking something they need. So, why should I listen to them, their advices? Just because they uploaded the pic from a cool restaurant on Facebook yesterday evening? Ha-ha. They do not really know what makes me happy, right?

This above is much better to stick too: I have my own Credo. I love my life and I am enjoying (or at least learning to enjoy it).

And I am free...

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