Sunday, February 1, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 22

Declaring the Intention 

To control your reality, you need to control you thoughts. Declare clearly your intention to the Universe and focus on the goal. However, this does not mean you should be focusing on the goal 24/7, because this will lead to resistance. It important you let go. If you allow your mind to "sleep", do it with the conscious that your mind is sleeping, because you allowed it to and every second you can go back to focusing on your goal. Controlling your mind is a tough job, but you got to do it

Interpretation: In general, thoughts just arise and die, you think all the time, most of the things you think about have no influence whatsoever on your reality; you just think because of the habit. Now, if you want to see fast changes for the better in your life, learn to control your thoughts. Declare out loud your goals. Apart from that, Zeland here recommends one powerful thought that should be declared every single morning:
"In my brain there is set a program on self - development. My brain develops and improves all the time. New communications between hemispheres is created. Both hemispheres work accurately, harmoniously, synchronously. Brilliant ideas come to me. I think in a new and original manner. Brain reserves get activated and now my brain is active with over 90% of its full capacity. My intelligence becomes more powerful every single day and so, I easily solve any problems. My consciousness clears up - everything for me is transparent and is simple. I clearly understand all and I clearly state all".

Obviously, I am still not sure if I have any powers of controlling my own reality. I just see things happening, and then I see that they happen in my favour, I feel that the reality is going in the proper direction. I can sense this as what had happened made my life more comfort and less stress. This is on what my judgement is based. I am not the best person who can control thoughts yet, but I have some technics implemented in case I catch myself going into 'negative mood'. Like putting on audio transurfing. And then I do not think my negative thoughts, but listen to wise words of transurfing, and magic! My thoughts follow in much more positive 'mode'.

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