Monday, February 2, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 23

Determination to Act 

Declaration: If you want something, do not waste time and energy to hesitate. Go and take what you want, just like you go to buy your newspaper. Do not overthink. You need to have determination. Whatever you want - a parking spot, a new home, a new car etc - do not think. Just go and take it. (Yes, you will have to wait some time, depending on your intention and resistance level) While you wait for your order to the Universe, accept that your waiting time is not really a waiting time, You are moving through different lines of life in the time space continuum. Let go of fear, doubt, HOPE - just remain with a DETERMINATION and you will have what you want. Zeland says that he never thinks whether or not he will have to wait on the bus stop, or wait for parking spot or wait in a queue - he just knows that he is going to receive what he wants. He says that, for example, when he goes to the bus stop, he never thinks how much will he wait for the bus - he just knows the bus will come immediately. And it happens so. So, he now says FEEL this condition of determination to receive what you want without obligations or boundaries or conditions...

Interpretation: Usually, when you want something, you start asking yourself - is it going to happen or not? Should I do something more? How is it going to happen? Get rid of this bad habit. Yes, all you want is going to happen if you have determination to act plus leave enough time for the Universe to deliver. Wishes are not fulfilled, dreams are materialized - pure intention is always accomplished. Whatever you do, do it with CONFIDENCE. Of course, you may fail but you chances for success multiply if you lack hesitation. And if you fail - so what? Remember coordination of intention! This will guarantee success...

Hesitation, will I get it or not, seems a very destructive process to me. Even if I win/get what I wanted, I may have wasted so much energy and feelings just on hesitation that the result doesn't give me all the enjoyment it supposed to give. Therefore, determination to act is a better option. Though, on some occasions, intentionally created delays by myself had given me chances to get ready to become a winner. And I must admit, I am a person who does delay and hesitate. I can write a letter, but delay sending it on purpose in case something changes or a fact becomes known to me, or a good argument comes to my mind. And this argument might make a final decision.  So, the bottom line, I do not know. We called it sometimes running in front of a train, means let the situation happen itself, do not force it. I agree that when acting, you do not waste your energy on hesitation. And you do not have time for the thoughts of fail. But you have to be like 100% sure this what you want is really needed. I usually hesitate. Should I go or shouldn't I? Should I act, or shouldn't I? Will this be good for me or not. My world knows for sure. I can take responsibility, but I do not know and the world knows, why should I decide instead of giving my world a chance of taking care of me? Hmm..

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Fernando M. Branco

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