Friday, February 6, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, day 25

I again defer that day which I need to skip, because I really find all them useful to post and reflect.

Cleaning your World 

Declaration: When you feel depressed or down, put order in your place. Clean your house, remove some furniture, change the interior etc. Get rid of old memory-filled material possessions in your place and replace them with new ones. You will immediately feel better. The same way, remove all negative thoughts from your mind. This is a must!!! Fear, doubt, hatred, blame, bad anticipation, critique etc - all that garbage should be thrown away. Leave only the DETERMINATION to get what you want. The only feeling you should obey is PURE (not polarized) love!

Interpretation: The best medicine against depression is creation. In this process, the Soul will recover its loss desire to live. Creation is a very broad term. For example, physical work is creation. Cleaning your office is creating a better place for you to work at; going to the gym is creating a better body for you to live in etc. Just do something you enjoy and see the result. Actually, in this process of creation, the negative energy that was released because of your depression was used to move you to a line of life, where you have created something. And thus, it is not being trapped by pendulum, so, you wont be sent to a negative line of life. :) In that manner, create a new thought pattern. Your world will become a reflection of what you envision it. Feel the world as a loving, caring place, which has only the best for you. The worlds are not important. It is the FEELING that determines what you project in the Universe. Feel LOVED by your world and by the Universe. If you think fame and fortune are only for the chosen ones, so it shall be. If you feel the world is bitter and cold towards you, unfortunately so, it shall be... As the Universe is a Mirror...

I clean and clean my world. And I feel very much cozy in it. Even when I go out to the ugly cold weather, I still feel much better inside than I used to. I really hope this repeated cleaning job will soon help me to have much more pure thoughts without efforts to get rid of the negativity and get powers to believe in magic. As life is really magic.

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