Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Life how it is. (or Life is school and university for us, but why not a kindergarten or a day nursery?)

Translated for RCI.

Every person is unique. Do you agree with me? Whereas even people alike in the same situation might behave absolutely in different ways. But in mathematics and in psychology (by the way, why they do not teach us psychology in school?), in order to compare two figures or at least to divide and systemize psychological types, we have to reduce everything to a common denominator. And when we get the final picture, which can be so misrepresenteded that …. let’s take for e.g., average salary in region (let’s assume, that 10 proc. of population gets 100 000 of monetary units, and the rest 90 % 1 000 of m.u., then we have the average salary of 11 000 m.u.). What will you say if you hear that the average salary in the region is 11K? Even if you are in the ‘lucky’ 10 proc. you are going to think: oh, boy, so little… only 11K… Anyway, I will not go deeper into the example as you already got what I mean. But there is no way to leave the average out, as previously said, this is why the following comes:

Life of an average person :) consists of three main parts: sleep, work/study, and the third one – the relationship with the universe (watching TV, any actions with PC, except for communication, as well as cleaning, laundry, cooking etc., i.e. actions, when these activities are been fulfilled/completed automatically and unconsciously, even having sex as a habit, are not considered as this 3rd part. They are considered as 1st one.) Here I mean the relationship with the outer world, with other people (close relatives, friends, and environment (close and far away)) and relationship with yourself (your inner world) beloved (or hated, it’s up to you). Here is how I can illustrate this:

So, what do we see in this picture? We see interconnection and the need to reach a balance of…. the balance of these three parts, i.e. to get spiritual well-being…

Let me talk about the sleep, the unconscious activities etc. some other time.

As it regards your career… Well, so much different stuff is written already about it (and can you believe that most of it is bullsh*t?), let us talk about this later as well. Just hold on to one thing: 10-12 years of school?! 4-6, or even sometimes 10 years of university?!!! 1* Working for 8-12 hours each day of your life?!!! (we do not consider weekends here, weekends are in the relationships part). And you still do not know how to make money? What’s the f*ck is wrong here?? Are you an idiot, brother? Complete hopeless idiot? (by the way, I still do not know how to make money, so I am criticizing myself here, though I am not a hopeless idiot :) ).

Finally, the most important part. The relationship with yourself, the universe and other people. Let me ask you, where have you leant how to behave in these relationships?
Oh, you just know it, that’s it… oh, oh, you look up to how other people behave in life and you behave in the same way…. Ah, oh, you look up to how they behave and do exactly the opposite… you do not look up to other people at all??? So, what do you do? Read esoteric and psychological books, and do some thinking, analyzing, philosophising? Oh, ok, you do not have time for this… 8 hours per day, or even 16 during the weekend day, or if you do not work, the only part you still do is part one of the mentioned 3 parts, which is sleeping (come on, all the things you do unconsciously are almost equal to sleeping, so do not count them). This really “helps” to get why you do not have time to acquire actually the most important skill in your life…

Ok, then, but how to acquire this skill? The idiotic question from the idiot, but not the hopeless one…10 years of school? 10 years of university? And …. Hey, hey! Stop! There is no need as, come on, your life is not that long! And the teachers there, usually they are not qualified to do relationships subject…. At the moment, a paradox is that the life itself is teaching you the same way as we train animals. You are put by your life in a problematic situation, and you behave in your way to solve the issue. It depends on how you behaved if you get a candy or an electrical stroke, same as a cow is getting if it crosses a border. Occasionally, if you still haven’t learnt your lesson, your life will create another situation for you… Just this time, believe it or not, the situation will be tougher. That one was for a first grade student, and now you are older… Don’t you think it is easier to learn that lesson from the first time? Of course, you think so… But remember all the years of your school and uni studies? And the result?
By the way you can learn from the mistakes of others, but have you met many people able to do this? If you are told the sea water is salty, and is not proper for drinking, you believe and never try the taste of sea water, right? Especially if you are a child and you do not know what is ‘salty’? If you do not try, even if you see others do not drink it, come on, you’re still going to have hesitations!!!


Now we have so called ‘life-coaches’. So go and train. 2** There was a “demand”, so the “supply” followed, my dear economists :)
But you know what the funniest thing of all is? Your first ‘life-coaches’ were your parents, grandparents, baby-sitter/nanny in a kindergarten. And they were taught by their life in the same way you are now, they most surely didn’t go to ‘relationships’ universities for coaching. And by the way, it was not so complicated for them to do it, as you were as plasticine at that time, and though they could not really change the structure or color, but they still could create their sculpture (for instance, a piece of shit in purple color, and then you easily can be taken for an ultra modern stylish creature)

And now, may be you are able to give me an answer, why during the most of the most important moment of your children’s life you are able to pass the responsibility of their life-coaching basics to these idiots? I guess, to make sure your children will become same idiots as their first coaches. And still you are not satisfied, you keep calling them ‘idiots’ (or like: all men are bastards and all women are bitches)
Isn’t there a possibility for having a hybrid, a cross between “nanny&life-coach in one” and to train a child the most important skill in his life (relationships with one’s inner world and the universe, and other people) before he realizes that the life is his teacher, but he doesn’t know how to do the homework? Why, on earth, no one has thought about this before and we suffer in our conscious state? Luckily, at least we can sleep… shall I go to sleep then? And you, parents or parents-to-be, do some thinking, the conscious one at this time. At least, for the sake of your own children.

1* I live in a capital and here it is complicated to find a person who doesn’t have university degree. You can be a sales assistant in the grocery, who have obtained his degree some 15 years ago, and still has no career prospects, no savings, no back-up in case something happens…

Well, this is a really optimistic proposition. We do not have life-coaches anywhere near as Western Europe, or Russian big cities, and even if you are lucky enough to find one (as they start to appear), to be able to afford it, you have to be in the ‘lucky’ 10 proc. as even average salary will not give you a chance to hire a life coach.