Monday, August 31, 2009

THINK THING!!!! 09.00 a.m. 09.09.09

09.00 a.m. 09.09.09 – Something big will happen with so less effort from your side.

These days more and more we get to hear that our thoughts can materialize and can change our lives. But have you ever imagined that if a thought of one person is so powerful, what the thoughts of millions thinking the same way could do? Thinking the same way and at the same time. We propose you to join us in our GRAND GRATITUDE ACTION and do intentional thinking about ourselves, our lives and our existence and meaning of it.

If you ever thought what a good thing you can do in your life, here is your chance.

Just five easy steps - Instructions how to do it:

1. Put the reminder into your mobile phone at 5 minutes to 09.00 on the 09.09.09 (make sure this is 09.00 of GMT time). DO IT NOW!
2. When the time is right, start thinking with gratitude to your creator (you can think of God, Allah, somebody who gave you your soul, the most important thing is really to feel gratitude). Good or less good things in your life, which already happened or will happen, just think of them and be grateful.
3. Then think of the Earth and that we all intend to be kind in our hearts and do everything we can to keep existence on this beautiful planet, to respect and love each other. Think how truly and honestly you wish others all the best (good health, well-being, emotional comfort, and self-confidence), do it with all your heart.
4. Thank others that they wish the same for you and thank your Creator (God, Allah…) for giving you a chance to do it.
5. Please do it for 10 minutes, or even longer, if you want to.

Helpful hints:
You can meditate or pray during this session if you prefer.
Suggestions of what to be grateful for (fresh water or food, the sun, your eyes that you can see everything etc. etc. etc., even that you participate in this great action, there are so many things to be grateful for)

Want to help us?
Please pass this info and instructions to all people you can address, especially those who do not use internet.
If you want to volunteer and help us with this action, please translate this info into your native language or other languages, and send it back to us so that we could spread more info to others.

Please do this little thing, which requires so less effort
but gives us the opportunity to do such a big thing

this action is initiated by a group of volunteers, and everyone is welcome to join our group.
for more information please send us an email….

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