Thursday, July 16, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 64

A sail of the Soul


Every person has got his own Aim, on the way to achieve it, his talents get uncovered, and he finds true happiness. In case he doesn't grasp about his Uniqueness, his divine power as a Creator, then he falls asleep unconsciously. Then Pendulums take over him, imposing false Goals on him, pointing a place in the Matrix, for him to become a screw in a system. When a person tries to achieve imposed Goals his life becomes as if he is in prison and waits for his term to come to an end. When reaching your own Goals, you will find a true happiness in your life. Your Goal will turn your life into a feast. When you make it, e.g. achieve your Aim, all your other desires will come true too in a way more than you have expected. Look for your Aim. You'll find it.


Do you really need to search for your Aim? Most people do not even think about this - they just live, most of them as if they stay in prison waiting for their term to end. In a life like that every day is similar to the one before: routine work, same faces, streets, walls, boring entertainments, constant pressure of duties and worries. And feast can only be on a certain (not appointed by a choice) day. But there are people, whose life is so colourful and full as if they are participating in а carnival. They enjoy the work they do, their day is full of interesting events and joyful happenings and meetings. There is no routine. Why are they like this, and I am not? Because these lucky destiny childred have found their path. There are only few of them, the rest are prisoners of the Matrix, elements of the System.  Those unique and all-powerful sons of God, unaware of what they are, had refused their free choice by themselves. And now their life had turned into an unconscious daydream. Therefore, the system makes a choice for them of what they may want or wish for.

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