Sunday, July 26, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 68

A cage for the Soul


For Pendulums is more benificial to involve people into competitive wars for a place under the sun. But Your soul had come into this material world not to suffer. It arrived here as to a feast - and you need to allow yourself this feast. It is only up to you to chose if you waste your life for the sake of the Pendulum, or will live for yourself and your satisfaction. If you chose a feast, then you have to get rid of the Pendulums which tie you down. And find your Aim and your Doors. Unite your Soul and Mind and you will get anything your heart desires. Allow yourself the luxury of a privilege to be worth all the best possible. 


This World can't be changed. We have to accept all that we are not in control or power to change. Lots of restrictions and conventionalities are literally closing the Soul into a cage. The Mind, possessed by the Pendulums, becomes a warder for the Soul and doesn't let it to fulfill its potential. A person has to behave the way the World of Pendulums obligates it to: to express dissatisfation, become annoyed, participate in competition wars, fight for things. You have to realise that this is only a game of Pendulums. Only a game, not even a fight. Because in reality Pendulums are as beetle-heads made of clay. And your abilities are only limited by your intentions. Pendulums' capacity can be limited by the level of your awareness and importance. If the importance is on a zero level, the Pendulums fall into a vacuum. You will get strength from the realisation that you know the rules of this game. As soon as you notice that the Pendulum tries to catch you and ruin your equilibrium, smile to yourself and inexorably lower the importance level. Then you will feel your strength and that you are able to determine the scenario for a game. When you win a battle with Pendulums, you will get a freedom of choice. 

One may interpret the meaning of words in this topic improperly. Feast, live for yourself and satisfaction are not meant to: party all the time, consume alcohol and drugs, do not care about the others and the environment. This is something different: find out why you came into this world and your goal, whatever you do to get a satisfaction as a Creator, not as a Destroyer or a Waster.

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