Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 69



When a person creates myths for himself, sooner or later they will be dethroned. If you do not want to become dissappointed use the '3 don't's rule':
1. Do not give too much of importance to anything - nothing is as important as it may seem.
2. Do not create idols in your mind - all of them are much more of everydayness than they might look like.
3. Do not embellish the reality too much - all is much more prosaic.
Be more sober-minded in your evaluation of the Reality.


If it seems that somewhere there is something that is not there in reality, the excess potential is created. It brings distortion into the surrounding energetic picture. Equilibrium forces will tend to try and get rid of  an emerged inhomogeneity. These forces are directed to get the myths dethroned. For example, a young and romantic man imagines his beloved being an angel of pure beauty. And in reality she is a down-to-earth person, loves to have fun and doesn't intend to spend time in tragic reveries together with a man who is in love with her. Or a woman draws a portrait of a Mr Right in her imagination. The more she affirms that he will be like that, the stronger is the excess potential. And to extinguish that potential is only possible with someone who is exactly the opposite. Or, as another version, a women hates alcoholics and rude people. And then as if she gets into a trap by having a husband just like this. A person gets what he/she is actively denying, or if she/he is creating idealistic picture, the equlibrium forces put him back to a harsh reality.

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