Friday, July 17, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 65



When a person sees in a mirror some ugly features he doesn't like, he still concentrates his attention on them. He expresses his negative reaction only as a reflex and, therefore as a result, everything becomes worse then it was before. Reality in a reflection is gradually growing dimmer following that image. Here is how the layer of a separate person is loosing its colourfulness, becoming dull and uncomfortable. 

Stop reacting to aggravators and they will stop bothering you.  Stop looking for problems - look for solutions. Finally, top whining. As soon as you change your attitude towards life you will get that resistant feeling that everything is going well, and will be even better. Simply said, everything will be as it has to be. 


Tendency to being pessimistic doesn't look appealing. A mood mode like: 'It will not be successful anyway' - is rather a sadomasochistic attitude. A pessimist is getting a freaky satisfaction from his unlucky life situations: 'The world is so bad, this is why bad things happen to me'. A looser doesn't want a fate he is having, and therefore whines and complaints constantly wasting his energy for that. But what could be a reflection in a Mirror if an image is a constant dissatisfaction? The same as an image: 'I am not happy! I don't want this and that' - is its reflection: 'Yes, you are not happy and you do not want". And it is just a pure fact, no more or less. Therefore, more reasons to be unhappy appear, making a relationship between a person and the World worse and worse. Someone, who was a lucky and happy person before becomes a sorehead, whining that the World owns him something. What a sad story! This person doesn't realise he had done the damage by himself. 

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