Saturday, July 18, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 66



If your are in a difficult situation right now, a support (i.e. footing) can always be found inside yourself, you just need to awake and realise where this unfortunate situation appears from. A danger is not in a problem, but in your attitude towards it. When you are imbued by the importance of a problem, you give your energy to the Pendulums. You need to realise that in every problematic situation the Pendulum will make you either to exert and fight, or give up and hang down your head. Do not do either of those. But if there is no footing and the core of confidence is lost, what can you do? The confidence will appear when you will awake and realise what is this game. Then you will grin to yourself: 'Oh, here you are, the Pendulum! You will not catch me that easy this time!' You are not a puppet anymore. You are free.


When a person it not familiar with the rules of the game, the world around him seems to him frightening and unknown. And then he is invaded by a feeling of loneliness and oppression, which forces him to fall asleep and give in to circumstances. When a person comes across an unfortunate situation or a complicated problem, he gives all his energy to a Pendulum and feels anxiety, prostration and a pressure of this situation. A person is either ready to stand-to or gives up straight away. Both of those are not a normal reaction and will lead to a stress and depression. To get any footing, people consume alcohol, smoke cigarettes, use drugs or do similar things. And as a result they get into peonage of other Pendulums. All they really need to do is: awake and watch a situation as a spectators, not leaving a 'stage'. Straight away they will notice all 'underwater rocks', as if the water evaporated. And then the footing can be found inside yourself. The understanding of what's going on is already a lot. Only this knowledge gives a calm and reliable believe in yourself. Because the uncertainty comes out of obscurity. Now, when you know all the above, you can turn your life into an awoken daydream, meaning mastering your reality. 

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