Monday, June 29, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 63

The steering wheel of Intention


If you want to achieve your Goal, you need to convert your desire into a firm intention. Desires and dreams do not come true. Stop lusting for your goal. It's already yours if you have an intention for it. Lust is a part of failure:  'I want it so much (too much) and I am frightened I might not get it. Why am I frightened? Because I think not about the goal itself, but about how can I get it.' You need to stop thinking of how to get it. Your task is to think about your goal as you already own it and that's a fact (by constantly having a slide of it on your mind). On your way to the Goal things that you do not expect may happen, or nothing might be going on at all. But this is not something to discourage you. Whatever happens, have your attention concentrated on your Goal firmly. Your motto should be: 'I do not want or I do not hope for - I intend'


Your position in the Field of Variations with a regard to your Goal is similar as if you are in a boat in the open sea. For instance, if you need to reach the earth, you have to go North all the time. This is were your compass's arrow points to - aka the direction of your thoughts. Till you imagine for yourself that you get to the shore and disembark, your 'arrow' is pointing to the correct direction. All you need to do is think about getting to the destination and row. Only these two things and nothing else. But here your leisurely mind starts to fidget and interrupt the rower: 'Where exactly are we going? How long will it take? What if we will not make it? Or maybe the direction is not there? What if we need to go to different direction?' etc. As a result of this, the arrow on a compass starts to flounce away, and the boat constantly changes its direction.The Mind doesn't see the movement action in the space of Variations and therefore troubles and worries. It is used to have a control over the situation. And it will relax only if it has another task, and it will realise what it doesn't by performing this task. So, you need to 'explain' to your Mind that it has to firmly hold the steering wheel to make sure it steady goes en route, but not to swing the boat. The task for the Mind it to take the control over the thoughts and hold this control constantly. 

My Summerization:

5 steps how to achieve your Goal by Transurfing:

1. Chose your Goal according to your Heart and Soul. Your Goal is something that will turn your life into everyday feast.
2. Think of your Goal as if you've already achieved it. What is Yours will be Yours. This is just a matter of time, so do not hesitate.
3. Do not think about HOW to achieve your Goal. Let the Universe find the optimal way for it.
4. Beware and concentrate on your Goal whatever you do. Constantly have it on your Mind. Every day.
5. Enjoy what you do to achieve it and be grateful for what you already have.

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