Thursday, June 18, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 61

The goal, but not yours

I am still thinking if this is a correct interpretation of the name for this challenge, in a translated book I have it is called: other people's goal. 


When defining your goal (your aim in life), ask yourself a question: do I really desire this with all my heart (Soul)? Or I just want to desire it? If you need to talk yourself into it, then the goal is not yours. As moving towards somebody's else goal will always delay the feast for the future, which might never happen. And when moving towards your goal, you feel happy straight away. When a goal is not yours, you have to force yourself, it is an obligation and a coercion. The goal which is not yours, may be a modern trend, or prestige. It will attract by its unachievability, will force you to prove something to yourself and others. It is imposed by others and helps others to improve their welfare. Find your own goal. 


If the goal is not yours, you will feel the discomfort of your Soul. Pseudo goals are usually very attractive. Your Mind will be entrancing about the numerous advantages of the goal. But despite the remarkable advantages of a goal, if you feel depressed, you need to be honest to yourself. The Mind will not want to listen to any of it, for your Mind all looks wonderful and marvelous. But where does the grim feeling come from? When you think about a goal, do not take into consideration, if it is prestigious, hardly achievable or by which cost could you achieve it. Pay attention only to the comfort of your Soul. Imagine, you have reached your Aim. Do you feel good or not really? The discomfort of the Soul is not to be confused for a soul stiffness (Is this all for me?). A soul discomfort is а feeling of oppression or burden in a background of Mind's optimistic reasons. The slides technique can easily help you to get rid of a Soul stiffness, but never will work for a Soul discomfort.

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