Thursday, June 25, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 62

Your goal


All of us are in possess of a real treasure - the uniqueness of our souls. Every soul has got its own goal, and a person will be happy during the process of achieving it. But there is no happiness in future - ahead of you. The happiness is either here and now, or it doesn't exist. The secret to a genuine success is to get rid of the Pendulums and choose your own Path. Answer to this question yourself: what would your heart (soul) want to do? What could turn your life into a festive? Do not take into account any limitations. Do not be shy and make no restrictions to your desires. If this is your goal - your soul will start singing and your mind applauding. 


A Soul of a person can only intuitively feel, what it may want/desire. The Mind has to assist it in determining the Goal.  But the Mind is making a mistake by trying to find a Goal using logical thinking. The task of the Mind is not to look for a goal, but to recognise the Goal once it comes across it. You will feel when your Soul will find what is yours, it will happen in the perfect timing in the perfect place. The important thing is to help your Soul to come across the Goal. Therefore, you need to widen your horizons: go to places you have not been before, search for things, you are not familiar with yet, let the new information inside, get out from your routine. And furthermore, keep awareness in place and listen to the Voice of your Heart. Allow yourself an unterminated period of time, do not make any boundaries and to not transform a search of your Goal into a duty. Just have this on your Mind: I am looking for something what will turn my life into a feast. The Goal will appear as an illumination.  A Soul will sparkle when you come across a certain information, and your Mind will enjoy thinking about it, then you can say you have found something special for yourself.

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