Monday, June 15, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 60

The whispering of the morning stars.


When you address a dilemma and are not sure of how to behave in the best way, you may trust your intuition without any fear. If you rely on your anticipations, you may still make mistakes. But if you listen to the Voice of your Mind, you will make by far more mistakes. If you need to decide something, no one knows better than you Soul. Quite often it is complicated to understand what your Soul tries to tell you. But it is clearly obvious when the Soul is not satisfied with the decision made by the Mind. The discomfort of your Soul is a reliable criteria to realise the Truth.


The Mind operates based on settled definitions: symbols, words, meanings, schemes, rules etc. The Soul doesn't use these categories, it doesn't speak or think, it feels and knows. The Mind is always as a chatter box. It considers everything has a rational explanation, and keeps controlling all the incoming information. When this control is weaken for a moment, the intuitive feelings and knowledge are getting through to the consciousness. When the Mind gets distracted, you may sense the feelings and the knowledge of the Soul. This is what is meant as whispering of the morning stars - a voice without a sound, a thinking without thoughts, a sound without a volume. You gasp something very vague. You do not think, but feel intuitively or simply know. The Soul has got an access to the Field of Information and can get answers to numerous questions, as well as save you from wrong and dangerous actions, if you only listen to its voice. For example, if you feel something unusual and uncomfortable before a flight, probably it is better to miss it. Or, when the first time you meet someone, you have to convince yourself that this person suits you, there is a great probability that this relationship will not work.

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