Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 53

Your Destiny Management.

I know in most interpretations this will be interpreted as ‘Ruling your destiny’ or ‘Controlling’. But this word ‘Management’ is perfect from my point of view. You and me are the CEO’s of our destinies. COOL!

When a person becomes in charge of his own destiny his life stops being dependant only from the circumstances. If you imagine that life is a river (oh, the author of ‘Row Row your Boat’ is my hero!), you may put your boat to any direction. If you go against the current, it will be difficult for you to reach your destination. If you go along the current, not controlling your boat, you are not in charge. If you prefer to think that your life is dependent on circumstances, which are not possible to overcome, or may be your past experiences or karma then it will be like this. Your will will be released into reality, because you are a son of God and the world is a Dual Mirror. But if you decide to be a Ruler (a Manager) of your own destiny, this will be so too.

For example, a person has got a goal, which is not really achievable or even impossible from a common point of view. With all of his Soul a person is after that goal, but his sceptical Mind is putting him down to earth constantly by questioning: How? At that particular stage the Transurfing technique suggests to do one unusual thing: stop thinking about resources and concentrate on final goal as if it is already achieved. You just scroll your Slide in your Mind and the Layer of your world is transferring (or transurfing) you to the sector where your goal is already achieved. You won’t usually feel this transfer, but it is happening. You probably won’t be able to stop your Mind from hesitation, but it is not really necessary. Necessary for it is to scroll your Slide. It is similar to like as if you would fly on a plane at night, you do not see the movement, but because the engine is working, it is moving. In a same way, if you scroll your Slide all the time in your head (an engine), the outside power – external intention - pulls your world to the destination point.  A steering wheel is in your hands so all will be as you desire.

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