Monday, May 18, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 56

Dissatisfaction with the world around

If you really want to improve your life, replace the negativity (which is now a reflex) with the positivity as a dominant motive. For example: 
“My world chooses for me the best possible things. 
I go with a flow of Variations and my world moves towards me. 
I create a layer of my world with my own intention. 
My world safeguards me and takes care of me. 
My world dissolves the problems around me. 
My world takes care of comfort and easiness in my life. 
I make an order and my world fulfills it.
I may not know, but my world does know how to take care of me. 
My intention embodies itself, all flows to the right direction as it should be.” 
Remember, either you manage your reality, or it manages you. 


Why as time passes by, the colours become blanker and light serenity converts into anxious solicitude? May be this is because when we grow up we get more problems? Not really, but this is because we tend to be more and more negative with the time. Dissatisfaction is a stronger feeling to compare with comfort and tranquility. We do not get that despite of anything we are happy now in the current moment, so we require from the world more and more. Our requests become more sophisticated as we become more spoiled and ungrateful. The World just can't fulfill all the requests straight away, and a spoiled coddle submits pretensions. He changes the attitude towards the world: “You are bad! You do not give me all I want! You do not take care of me!” All the power of unity of the unsatisfied soul and spoiled Mind is filled in full into this negative attitude. But as the World is a Mirror, it has no choice but to react as: “Ok, my darling, as you wish!” And as a result – the reality is changing to the worse. 

I have seen a movie yesterday, where a main character, to endure hard moments just mumbles to herself: This is needed, Lena (the name). I think we need to be the same when some inconvenience happens,just say to yourself with the poker face: this is needed. And move towards your goal.

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