Friday, May 1, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 51

Inconceivability of Infinity


Why does the theory of Transurfing work? Did anyone created the Space of Variations and inserted everything possible there? The Space of Variations was not created by anyone, it just exists, always existed and always will. Human being’s mind is set the way to seem that everything in this world is being created by someone or something, that everything has its’ beginning and the end. But some things exist much beyond the people’s mind ‘understanding’. The mind is like a logical machine, which has the function to think in abstract way too. Transurfing theory doesn’t explain how the world's constructed, but suggests the practical model, which makes it clear how it is possible to manage your reality. In the same way as you can drive your car but have no idea how it is constructed and functioning. 

During all these years the scientists are looking for explanations of how the world is constructed, finding new ways and models to describe it. This process will continue as long as the human beings are alive. One explanation will appear after another. To realize this process you can stand in front of a mirror while holding in your hands one more mirror. All the infinite reflections show that one (new) comes out from another one. And if you put one large mirror in front of the other similar mirror you may see a possible way how the world is created. Nothing is reflected in nothing in black infinity. Is that possible to describe in words? Not really.

There is something definitely beyond one's mind can understand. It is like chasing a shadow try to understand it. 

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