Monday, May 4, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 52

Guardian of Eternity

Anything you can imagine or not does exist in the Space of Variations, and anything you may desire both with your Mind and Soul is available for you. But you should be aware that there is the Guardian by the entrance into this abundance – an absolute law safeguarding everything what is out there. This inexorable guard will allow only those who are daring enough to take advantage of their right as the Ruler. So, the permit to get there is gained by your own verdict: I can and am worthy because I decided so. Not that I want or hope, but I have got the intention. Use your right and the Guardian will open the doors to the Eternity.


Where is the difference in between a girl from a small town and a show star girl? A shy student and a world-known scientist? Mediocre and chosen ones? Only one step to overcome this difference. Second ones are using their right and others are hesitant and not really believe they are able and worth that. In their mind there is an assumption that in this world there are chosen ones, who were chosen for their exceptional exclusive qualities. But this is a false stereotype. The chosen ones had chosen that by themselves. And only after and only for this the rest had paid the attention to them. Tell yourself: from this moment I have chosen for myself. And you have a right for this not because you deserve this or are capable of, but just because you have a right to. That’s all. The Space or Variations has got everything and anything you need in abundance, and there is something there specially for you – for verdict for this right. This is your permit into Eternity, your authorisation and privilege to manage your own reality.

Yesterday there was a splendid evidence of that Transurfing works for me. The earnings of my business made it up to the level I was hoping and used to say: this figure would be great and enough. I could not believe this. This is so amazing! I am happy. Most of this happiness is because the Transurfing works. And that I have freedom.

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