Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 75

The Money


The most important thing to do is to keep moving towards your Aim. And then the money will come automatically along, as a concomitant attribute. But for now, as you are not on your Path yet, just remember one rule: do not ever think that you do not have enough money, just think that you have got money, that’s it. Concentrate on the fact: you’ve got money. It doesn’t matter how much money you have got. Important, that you have it. And you will have more and more. When getting money feel happy and joyful and separate with it with no regret. Do not feel greedy, the greedier you feel, the less you will get. Do not save large amounts for no purpose, otherwise you will lose everything. Create a movement. The resources are flowing via a tube, not reservoirs.


A poor person, when by the counter of any shop, counts last coins, considering if he/she has got enough to save, spends money reluctantly and complains about high prices all the time. The thoughts are fixed over just one thing: there is not enough money for anything/everything. And this mental template is becoming reality over and over again. This can’t be any different as a person stands in front of the Mirror. You have to think not that there is not enough money, but that there is money. You could find some spare change in your wallet anytime, couldn’t you?  If you do not have enough to buy something you want now, do not regret or complain, just delay this purchase for now. You know, you will have enough for it soon. This is how you form an appropriate image, which will be reflected in your reality soon.
Also, there is one powerful ritual for attracting money. Pick up all the spare change, which you can find on the floors, etc. Especially, those ones starting to rust and are not needed anymore by anyone else. Preciously put them into any kind of a moneybox and repeat to yourself: ‘You are at home, my dearest coins. I am going to take care of you and you will attract me money. I take care of money and am loved by it, so it comes to me.’ Try and you will be convinced it is working.

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