Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 74

The greed of a Soul


What makes a person a chosen one? A unique, as if created only for him path. As soon as you start walking your own way, all the treasures of the World will become available for you. And then all the others will look at you in an astonishment of how could this be possible and what have you done to get all this. Allow yourself to believe that your Soul’s opportunities are limitless. Allow yourself a right to be a splendid individuality. If the Mind will allow, the Soul will find a way to make your Dream come true. Do not be shy, place an order for ‘as exclusive to the full’. Be realistic – require the impossible.


Doesn’t really matter which Aim you are after. As in a rational approach to the Worldview any will be difficult to achieve. The stereotype that an Aim is difficult to achieve is the most resistant one. As the Mind will all the time be trying to find an answer to the question: ‘How is possible to achieve this?’ Get your Soul to tell your Mind: ‘Shut up! This is none of your concern, we are choosing a toy". During the process of selection you are not supposed to take any limitation into account. Would you like to go sailing on a boat? What about your own personal yacht? Would you like your own private apartment? What about your own mansion? Would you like to become a head of your department? How about the CEO of a corporation? You want to buy some land cheaper to build a country house? How about your own island in the Mediterranean Sea? Are you thinking about working a lot to get good money? How about not working at all and living to enjoy yourself? All of these 'How about?' can be numerous. But you have no idea, how small are your requests to compare with what you could get if you move towards your Aim via your Door.

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