Saturday, August 22, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 72

Uniqueness of the Soul


You are truly a unique personality. There is no competition in your uniqueness. Use your rights for your , and you will get a huge advantage from those, who try to go via walkways. If you will try to become same as he/she, you will never be able to. Be yourself. Allow this luxury to yourself. If you had put on a mask of the famous person who already exists, it will be either a copy or a parody. You will not become a famous superstar by copying others. When you will stop trying to be as someone else, you will make it. When you will stop to come a miracle experience, you will make it. As soon as you will acknowledge the wonder of your own personality – you will make it. And others will have no other choice as to agree to it. 


The fact that you deserve all the best and can do anything you want is hidden from you with all conspiracy. You are that you will be only naive to believe that your opportunities are just limitless. But it is quite the opposite. You are able to create wonderful masterpieces, make genius , achieve great results in sports, business or any other professional activity you chose. All you need to do is turn to your Soul. It has got access to any information, knowledge, creations and achievements. The task is to be yourself. Did the masks you wear everyday did any good for you to achieve success, wellbeing or happiness? You do not need to change as this will only be one more mask. And if your drop the masks forced on you by the Pendulums, the treasure hidden in your Soul will appear. You truly deserve all the best, because you are wonderful, miraculous. Just allow yourself to be one

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